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Consolidated Goods Clearance From China

We offer a comprehensive and high quality service for the consolidated goods and also customer clearance. Our group age from the countries like United States and China is a very good option for those companies which want to transport bulk amount of goods.

Transportation of Consolidated Goods Clearance from United State in the containers is not actually affordable in these cases. This is why we are providing groupage containers to minimize your costs and also make arrangement for delivery of your goods.

We have consolidation warehouses and representatives in both US and China. It allows us for shipping consolidation cargos, give a stable and also consistent service to carry groupage cargoes for our customers.

We also arrange goods storage, additional packaging, export documents for shipping, and labeling of all your goods.

Our specialities:

As the best Consolidated Goods Clearance from China and US service provider, we have several specialities including,
  • Consolidations at our own warehouses
  •  Wide network of offices in US and China
  •  Added services for consolidation, labeling, storage, packaging, and palletizing of your goods.
  •  Making arrangements of all necessary export and import documents for shipping
  •  We have own customs brokers
  • Sourcing and also search for the suppliers
  •  We are storing your goods in our own warehouses
  •  We provide a photography report on the receipt of your cargo to our warehouse
  •  Our company offers a wide range of logistics services and also enhancing the shipping cost.
  •  We take full responsibility of taking care in the safety of your goods throughout the process.