Looking for uninterrupted Exportation Services in Lagos, you have arrived at the right place. Delarfreight and Logistics Limited is a well functional in exporting and importing foods in and out of Nigeria. Our wide horizon stretched all over Nigerian land, sea and airports ensure easy and faster export of goods within the time frame. Our customer friendly services are easy to avail, with our far stretched network we are easy to connect. Our contacts to Nigerian ports authorities and associates help us to accomplish the fastest Exportation Services in Lagos Our licensed and experience professional take every nuance under consideration, so as to avoid future troubles. We offer customized exportation services at competitive prices. From preparing bills to marking, labeling and acknowledgment of goods, we perform all our duties. We also offer integrated services for extensive reach. Proper and timely accomplished documentation and reporting help us to get over the minute scrapes. Drop your request, fill a form and pay for generated invoices and get things done, it is as simple as that. We offer door to door pick drop services to let you go unproblematic.

Why choose us

  • Reliable and timely services
  • Least hassle
  • Experience and licensed professionals
  • Far spread links
  • Easy to access for Instant pick and drop service
  • High customer retention rate
  • 24/ customer support

The strict rules of the Nigerian government make it difficult to carry out timely transportation. Only professionals can deal with it. So if you are undergoing any such issue in exportation or looking for Exportation Company in Lagos then you can depend wholly on DelarFreight and Logistics Limited as we are having years of experience and can cope with all the difficulties in import and export of goods. So give us a chance to help you flourish your dreams at reasonable prices.