Do you need a product from Nigeria? Do you find it difficult to tap from the many resources we have in Nigeria?

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Delar Freight and Logistics Ltd is a global leading agent for exports from Nigeria. Our personalized export programs have been giving different companies/individuals a competitive edge for over 5 years running. With a dedicated network of over 2000 exportation agents Nationwide, Delar Freight is well equipped to source for the product of your choice, package it and take charge of onward shipment of your products to any destination, no matter how remote, with rapid ease.

We are also a widely recognized agent for thousands of foreign companies across the globe, handling all form of exported goods from Nigeria to all parts of the globe with confidence and trust.


How does it work

  •          Make your choice of any product you need from Nigeria.
  •        Contact us by filling a form here. Or Call us on
  •       We will notify our agent to get the latest price/s for the requested product.
  •         An invoice will be sent to you for confirmation
  •        Once we enter a deal, we will purchase, package and ship your goods using Sea or Airfreight to your destination.


Why choose us for your exportation needs

  •          We have the licensed to export out of the country.
  •         We can boast of over 12 qualified staffs and management team.
  •          We have over 5 years exportation experience.
  •          We are fast and efficient.
  •          Customer friendly.
  •          We have over 2000 exportation agents in Nigeria.
  •         We have vast connection with Nigerian Ports Authority.
Tap from the Vast Resources Nigeria have to offer your business. Get in touch with Delarfreight and Logistics Ltd lets take your business to the next level.